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Atomic Alley on Tape Art

Check out the Atomic Alley inspired by Victory Day as seen on Tape Art:



At Atomic Tape .com we like to bring you all the cool Atomic Tape stories – This one is about some local people doing cool stuff in their community.  The Atomic Alley story was seen on the Tape Art website.

Workforce Recovery

As contributors to the Workforce Reinvestment Act, Trummerkind artists Michael Townsend and Colin Bliss have taken on twelve employees ranging in age from fourteen to twenty. As professional artists Townsend and Bliss hope to impart their own experiences and introduce the participants to a wide variety of applicable job skills.

Nice job with the Atomic Alley!  We love it!

SOURCE:  http://tapeart.com/new/workforce/day-22-atomic-alley/