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Atomic Yellow Tape



Atomic Tape by Duck brand Duck Tape!

This Atomic Yellow Tape is part of Henkel’s new X-Factor series of high performance tapes.  With a thicker poly layer and more agressive adhesion, this atomic yellow tape will make repairs fast and stick on longer.   Strength is also superior with a thicker cloth and more fibers per square inch.  This new atomic tape yellow duck tape tears easy by hand for easy use.  And, unlike silicone tapes which only stick to itself, this new Atomic Yellow Tape sticks to anything in traditional “Duck” quality and strength.

Atomic Tape Duck Tape is a professional-grade tape that features excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces like cloth, leather, plastic, vinyl,  all metals, and laminates.

5.0 out of 5 stars best and cheapest duct tape out there June 14, 2013

Tape Review By Alvin Ray:

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This is the cheapest and most durable duct tape in the market. I’ve tried other cheaper brands but they are not as durable. I use this to wrap big heavy boxes and packages. Aside from being durable, it’s also water-repellent.   And it comes in a variety of colors for different uses and purposes.


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Size:  1.88″ Wide x 20 Yards
Color:  Atomic Yellow
Brand:  Duck Tape

Not the kind of atomic tape you were looking for?  If you are looking for a silicone tape try here: http://www.atomictape.com/silicone-tape.htm

Here at Atomic Tape . com we love to show you all the cool things you can do with tape.   Uniquely colored tapes such as the Atomic Yellow Duct Tape allow you to be very creative with your tape applications.  Check out this video of how to make an Atomic Yellow Duct Tape Wallet: