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Mr Atomic Tape Mix

Ok, so here at Atomic Tape .com, how could we not mention the Mr Atomic Tape Mix Master – Mr Atomic?  Mr Atomic is none other than Dj Kris Krause, who spins up some cool DJ vibes and hosts his own radio show to boot.  As a respected DJ and Music Producer, Kris draws his influences from a variety of sources – heavy doses of Miami Bass, Electro, Detroit Techno, Dub Reggae and even Hip Hop.  We all remember the days of the mix tape, and Mr Atomic does a great job of keeping that mix tape spirit alive by combining the old school mix tape style with the latest tech.

Ready to experience Mr Atomic?  Tune in to Plaza Midwood Community Radio on Friday Afternoons from 4-6 PM EST to hear Kris Host Mr. Atomic’s Boom Box.   You’ll get 2 solid hours of Beats, Bass and Blips streamed live.   Click on the cool gif here for show times:

Mr Atomic - TapeMix DJ

Here at Atomic Tape .com, we bring you all things atomic, so big thumbs up to Mr Atomic for mixing up some cool sounds.  Check out Mr Atomic on Soundcloud here . . .