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Atomic Pest Says Use Tape for Scorpion Trap

Atomic Pest?  Hey, of course at the Atomic Tape blog we like the name so we have to say something about these guys.  Especially when they use TAPE to catch a scorpion!


Apparently there are 56 different types of scorpions in Arizona that all sting.  Yikes.  That sounds like 56 things on the planet we really don’t need.  So Atomic Pest Control says  that in order to prevent the scorpions from dropping in to a crib (or other place you don’t want Scorpions), you need to install a plastic scorpion shield.   Hang a sheet of flat plastic, or other flat smooth material that is larger than the size of the crib, and make sure it is several inches from the ceiling.  Tape it in place.  Then place double-sided sticky tape around the inside of the board.  Scorpions will then fall onto the board and get stuck, rather than fall into the crib or bed.  Tape THAT scorpions!  Atomic Tape .com says this is a pretty cool use of tape.

To read the full article from Atomic Pest Control, here’s the orginal source: