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Atomic 3.0 Tape to DVD

Atomic 3.0 Tape to DVD

Wondering how on Atomic 3.0 to record from Tape to DVD?  No problem, Atomic Tape . com found this great information on the Atomic MPC Forum:


I want to record from video tape to DVD. I have tried a few TV tuners and a VCR + DVD combo machine and I always get a weird line at the bottom of the picture. Is there any way to avoid this?


For best results you need to use something like a Canopus ADVC-55
Not cheap though at around $400.00 for that model.
Has standard RCA in ports and outputs via Firewire, so you need a firewire card or mobo with firewire built in. Note that it won’t copy Macrovision protected tapes either (most commercial VHS tapes).
or you could use an internal card like the ACEDVio
Prices seem to vary massively on this
Avermedia and probably others do proper capture cards that are cheaper than the GrassValley stuff.

Again may not work with Macrovision protected tapes.

When I did this ages ago I used the ADVC-55 for most of my tapes and for the few macrovision protected ones I captured straight to the TV tuner like you. I tried several and got the best results using a Leadtek PXDVR3200H. The bifg thing with this tuner is it has an inbuilt analogue hardware encoder, unlike a lot of other tuner cards. The hardware encoder means you get a lot less audio sync issues which where a real problem with software encoders and the 2.6Ghz P3 based PC I was doing the capture on. At the time this was a fairly high end PC. 😛

For easy recording a straight DVD Recorder – VHS VCR Combination is often easiest but again won’t do copy protected material.

As for your original problem you are going to have to run the video through an editor and do a bit of cropping on the video component.
For cropping video in the past I think I used Virtualdub, or Gordianknot, but was a long time ago so don’t ask me how to use either of these tools.
Just be aware you want to avoid reencoding your recordings to a different format then burning to DVD which means an other encode. This is not only slow but reduces the video and audio quality each time an encode is done, and you want to avoid that at all costs on a VHS tape recording.


I use an Easycap DC60+ as my capture device, plugged into the VCR. The audio output from the VCR goes into my sound card, but could equally go into onboard mobo sound.

*EDIT* I used the latest drivers found direct here (~28MB .RAR file from ezcap support), they’re the same brand re-named to avoid cheap copycats. They work fine on w7 x64, but don’t update them through Windows update because it breaks recording and you’ll need to roll them back */EDIT*

I use DScaler to record, with Gamma, Linear Correction, Sharpness and Noise Reduction filters activated. This is based on a lot of fiddling with settings to get video output I liked.

I record with the huffyuv v2.1.1 codec full height interlaced RGB, and audio settings at 48000Hz 16 bit.

I then chuck the resulting file through handbrake with video filters Detelecine (default), Deinterlace (slower) and Denoise (medium). Constant quality of RF20. I also boost the audio by 20dBA. It exports as an h.264 mkv file roughly 1.4GB in size for an hour and a half of footage. I could’ve done smaller, but I wanted to extract all the quality I could.

All up, the most expensive part of it is the time I need to invest in hanging around while the various recordings and encodings happen.

Then just burn to DVD using whatever software supports h.264 mkvs.

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