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Atomic Submarine Tape


Atomic Submarine on VHS Tape


How funny is this?  Atomic Tape .com wouldn’t be complete without an atomic submarine, right?  In the crazy future, giant atomic submarine liners ferry lots of passengers and freight under the Arctic ice.   But 8 of them mysteriously vanish without any trace. The U.S.S. Tiger Shark, which happens to be the most powerful atomic nuclear submarine in the submarine fleet, is then sent to do research and then uncovers aliens that threatens to destroy the human race.   This 1959 small budget sci-fi movie on tape focuses on “atomic power” as both a menace and also a protector of human kind.   These filmmakers demonstrate what one can do with a good script, a strong cast of quality actors and good imagination.   Producer Alex Gordon cowrote Ed Wood’s Bride of the Monster, special effects supervisor Irving Block cowrote the classic Forbidden Planet, and composer Alexander Laszlo was a regular on Roger Corman pictures. Includes the original theatrical trailer. –Geof Miller

Atomic Submarine Tape Summary:

The nuclear-powered U.S.S. Tiger Shark, the most advanced sub in the world, is sent on a top secret mission to find out why great trans-arctic submarine passenger lines are vanishing without a trace. On board, a hand-picked team of scientists are faced with an alien menace so terrible that their atomic weapons are useless.
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