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Silicone Tape

Looking for Silicone Tape?

Here at Atomic Tape .com, you can find all sorts of information about tape.  Check out all the silicone tape resources available on the internet:

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Silicone Tape is suitable for a wide range of repairs. From boats to cars to home plumbing repairs, silicone tape is ideal for a fast repair on many kinds of leaks. Stretching and wrapping silicone tape around a leaking pipe or hose can seal the leak in minutes. Silicone Tape can also be used for creating a wire connection seal to prevent moisture from getting into the wire connection.  There are many levels of quality in the self-fusing types of silicone tape, so don’t be fooled into thinking they are all the same.  Read the reviews of these products and be skeptical of those tapes that don’t have a history of positive performance reviews.  For example, read the silicone tape reviews available on Amazon.com.  Silicone Tape can be a life saver product when you have a plumbing leak or automotive hose leak, as it can turn your emergency situation into just another day at the park.  Check out the silicone tape resources listed here on Atomic Tape .com and find the quality that make sense for your repair needs.

You can also choose from a wide variety of silicone tapes on Amazon:

What else can you do with Silicone Tape?

Silicone Tape is ideal for:

  • Marine Repairs – Wrap silicone tape around stuff that leaks on your boat or use like rigging tape.
  • Plumbing Repairs – Several layers of silicone tape will seal up leaky plumbing in your home.
  • Automotive Repairs – Silicone Tape can easily fix a radiator hose or leaking heater hose or vacuum hose.
  • Offroad Repairs – Silicone Tape can fix all sorts of things on a jeep or other offroad vehicle
  • Manufacturing repairs – Silicone Tape can keep machinery running by fixing leaks on a wide variety of manufacturing equipment.

Atomic Tape Fact Sheet

Atomic Tape Fact Sheet!

This page is about the hit single Atomic Tape by Chris Joss!


Atomic Tape is from the album Teraphonic Overdubs, this atomic explosion of beats will help you get your dub on.    Released February 12, 2008, this tape is 46 minutes of atomic beats.  Chris Joss is a French multi-instrumentalist who has released 7 solo albums.  According to Allmusic.com, “Chris Joss constructs funky downtempo music that’s heavily influenced by the film music of Lalo Schifrin, John Barry, and Quincy Jones.  Joss made his debut in 1996 with The Man With a Suitcase.”

Here is the track list from Teraphonic Overdubs including the famous Atomic Tape hit:

1:  Magic Tubes
2:  I Want Freedom
3:  Count the Daisies
4:  Get With It
5:  Jungle Dolls
6:  Fatality Strikes
7:  Atomic Tape
8:  Slack The Slammer
9:  Summer Springs
10:  Luna Rides Back
11:  A Room with a Vu Meter
12:  Surgelator Action
13:  Granted

Download the hit single Atomic Tape here on Amazon:

Not the Atomic Tape you were looking for?   Looking for self-fusing silicone tape  or tape for emergency hose repair Click here for silicone tape info or check out the Yellow Atomic Tape by Duct Tape.

Looking for other albums by Chris Joss?  Here is the Chris Joss Discography list:

Chris Joss Discography:

1999: Bombay By Bus EP – Pulp Flavor

1999: The Man With A Suitcase LP- Pulp Flavor

2002: Dr Rhythm LP- Irma La Douce

2003: The Gnomes EP – Irma La Douce

2004: You’ve Been Spiked LP – ESL Music

2005: Discotheque Dancing EP (Ursula1000 and Fort Knox Five remixes) – ESL Music

2005: A Part In That Show EP (Kraak & Smaak remix) – ESL Music

2005: Inside Deep Throat Soundtrack LP – Koch

2006: Brilliantine a gogo – Boutique Chic EP – Stereo Fiction

2007: Superman EP (Basement Freaks & Plastilina Mosh remixes) – ESL Music

2008: Teraphonic Overdubs LP – ESL Music